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Circa 1849

Water powered mills were very important to the Shenandoah Valley during the 1800s. Significant changes in stream elevation made for ideal conditions to use mills as a power source. The Osceola Mill is one of seven mills on the Marl Creek. Only two of the original seven remain standing today, the McCormick Farm Mill on the upper part of Marl Creek and the Osceola Mill on the lower. Both remaining mills were part of the McCormick Estate.

The Osceola Mill was named by McCormick in honor of the Native American chief Osceola of the Seminole tribe. Functioning as a flour mill for 120 years, the mill remains structurally intact today supported by massive hand-hewn chestnut beams. The Fritz water wheel that stands today is believed to have replaced the original wooden wheel.

The mill operated as a working mill well into the 1900s. Run by the Brubaker family, it provided stone ground products for sale to the local community. In 1969, however, Hurricane Camille ended its long history as a functioning mill. It was then renovated into a private home and later an Inn. Many of the original mill works still remain, including the massive overshot waterwheel, making it one of the most gorgeous historical sites in the Shenandoah Valley.

Old Flour Grinding Stone

The old stone that ground the flour and meal. In the background is the old wheel that is apart of the gear system for the mill.

Breakfast Room & Dutch Door

The breakfast room in the Meeth home. Behind the table is a dutch door that was a part of the mill before it became a home.

Old Flour Grinding Stone

The party room reminiscent of the old general store. Ms. Meeth arranges a Mexican chess set which rests on an old barrel.


After it's retirement as a functional mill in 1969, the Osceola Mill transitioned into first a residential home, and then shortly after a historic Inn. The mill has functioned as an Inn for almost 50 years, hosting guests from all over the world.

The millhouse features an antique, candlelit dining room where guests are served meals, in addition to patio-style seating on the porch in front of the water wheel. Homecooked, locally-sourced breakfast and dinner are available to lodging guests by reservation.

The second floor of the mill features four distinct guest lodgings each with its own private bathroom and a host of modern amenities for the comfort of our guests. In addition to the suites inside the millhouse, the property also features an antique, private cabin alongside the creek for those looking for the perfect romantic getaway.

The massive Fritz water wheel that adorns the side of the millhouse. Standing over 40 feet tall, the wheel is turned by water fed in from the Marl Creek upstream. Although it is currently stationary, we are hard at work getting it back to its mezmorizing turning state.

Here you can see the solid-wood overflow for the water wheel that crosses over the porch of the millhouse. The excess water from the wheel travels down the overflow creating a beauitful shower that bathes the mill in the beautiful sound of flowing water.


Running the full length of the property, Marl Creek is the source of water for the mill's water wheel. It lets out at the south end of the property into the larger South River which flows along the Shenandoah Valley. Massive stone boulders line the egde of the creek, with drops in elevation creating several small waterfalls. The north end of the property features a small bridge where you can sit over the creek as the water rushes under your feet. With over a quarter-mile of walkable waterside, the creek makes the property a truly beautiful nature retreat.


Originally the store where the miller sold his millstone ground goods, The Mill Store Cabin is by far the most beloved feature at The Osceola Mill. Built in 1873, this antique cabin is a true historic treasure. It features a massive stone, wood-burning fireplace inlaid with one of the original mill grinding stones, as well as beautiful wooden interior structures creating a truly rustic ambience. More recent additions include a private bathroom, sunken two-person hot tub and a host of other modern amenities, making it the perfect romantic getaway.