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The Osceola Mill is only minutes from some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Virginia. Crabtree Falls, by far the most popular, is the largest waterfall on the east coast. Some are more of a hike than others, but all are well worth the trip.

Crabtree Falls
22 min
3.1 mi
Saint Mary's Falls
8 min
4.3 mi
White Rock Falls
23 min
5.3 mi
Wigwam Falls
21 min
0.1 mi
Shamokin Falls
46 min
0.7 mi


In addition to the waterfall trails listed above, there are dozens of hiking trails near Osceola Mill throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Below are a few of the best and most accessible in the area.

Priest Wilderness
30 min
3.0 mi
Spy Rock
18 min
5.7 mi
Mount Pleasant
52 min
6.7 mi
Slacks Trail
20 min
11.4 mi
Three Ridges
29 min
13.3 mi


Take a scenic drive along the famous Blueridge Parkway and soak in the vast Shenandoah mountain ranges from the breathtaking overlooks. Just 10 minutes from the Osceola Mill, the parkway is one of the easiest ways to explore the valley. Many of the parking viewpoints have small trails and picnic areas so bring your boots and pack a lunch.

Spy Mountain Overlook
11 min
Fork Mountain Overlook
16 min
20-Minute Cliff Overlook
22 min
Three Ridges Overlook
30 min
Ravens Roost Overlook
34 min
Boston Knob Overlook
27 min
Irish Creek Valley Overlook
33 min
Whites Gap Overlook
36 min
Humphrey's Gap Overlook
38 min
House Mountain Overlook
43 min


Explore the most beautiful natural phenomenons Virginia has to offer. From the world famous Natural Bridge, to the mezmorizing Natural Chimneys at Mt. Solon, to the many ancient natural caverns, the Shenandoah Valley has no shortage of awe inspiring wonders.

Natural Bridge
31 min
Natural Chimneys
49 min
Natural Bridge Caverns
32 min
Grand Caverns
41 min
Luray Caverns
77 min


Take to the waters and enjoy a relaxing day paddling or tubing down the James River or Shenandoah River. No need to bring your own canoe/kayak, both of the outfitters below offer all day rentals so you can simply enjoy the open waters.

Wilderness Caneo Company
38 min
Twin Rivers Outfitters
41 min
Shenandoah River Adventures
52 min
James River Adventures
72 min
James River Rafting
72 min